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Joker NO87 Folding Knife - Olive

Joker NO87 Folding Knife - Olive

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Joker NO87 Folding Knife - Olive

This UK Legal folding pocket knife is made by Cuchilleria Joker in Spain.

It has a 7.5cm, non-locking blade which is made from top quality carbon steel.
It has a full flat grind with the blade thickness at the spine approx 2mm and a drop point at the end of the blade.
It features a beautiful pattern down the spine of the handle.
As the carbon steel blade is only 3" it makes it an ideal knife that is legal to carry in your pocket at all times with justifiable cause when you are in the UK.
It has an Olive wood handle so each knife is unique with the patterns and level of grain in the wood. (Woodland Ways also stock this knife with a stainless steel blade and Bocote wood finish NB87)
So what do our instructors think? Here Jason writes:
"This is a wonderful little UK legal folding knife, handy to pop in your pocket for those times when a blade is needed and you have not got your sheath knife. I really like the Olive wood handle which has a beautiful grain making each one unique. The decorative spine of the handle also adds a touch of elegance."
Advantages: Features a 7.5cm blade making it UK legal. Has a carbon steel blade therefore easier to sharpen than a stainless steel blade.
Disadvantages: Carbon steel blades lose their edge quicker than stainless steel blades and so will need to be sharpened more regularly. 

It is illegal to supply a knife to anyone under the age of 18. Woodland Ways actively checks the details of all orders for knives, and other edged items. Please include your phone number with your order.

Should we be unable to confirm your eligibility, you will be asked to provide proof of age in the form of a photocopy of your drivers licence or passport.

Most recent reviews...

May 2017
A superb every day carry folder, beautifully crafted and with a blade that holds it's sharpness and takes minimal effort to hone to a razors edge. This is my second one of these fantastic knives, the first one I lost, and was so lost without it I searched the internet for an exact replacement and thankfully found it here. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a quality small legal carry folding knife.