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Karesuando Boar Knife

Karesuando Boar Knife

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Karesuando Boar Knife

Made in Lapland by Karesuando using traditional Northern Scandinavian techniques this handcrafted Boar knife has a 10cm blade and is 2.4cm wide. It is made from stainless "surgical" steel and has a Scandinavian flat grind. The internal tang stretches 6.5cm into the handle, the internal tang design is also beneficial from a weight perspective. Karesuando give this knife a life time guarantee.

The handle is made form curly birch and stained with a golden red/brown colour. The sheath is made from cow hide leather and features a plastic sheath insert.

This knife is suitable for all types of outdoor activites including fishing, hunting and camping. It is also suitable for carving.

What do our instrustors thinks? Here Jo writes:

"The Karesuando range of knives are not only  partical for a wide range of applications they are also beautifully hand crafted and great to work with. Supplied with a life time guarantee from Karesuando you can't go wrong!"

Advantages: Comes with a Karesuando Lifetime guarantee. Supplied with a leather sheath. The blade is made from stainless steel so is resistant to rusting, it will also hold its edge a lot longer than a carbon steel blade.

Disadvantages: The belt loop is only wide enough to fit a fairly thin belt. As the blade is made from stainless steel it will be harder to sharpen than a carbon steel blade.

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Mar 2018
Beautifully made knife, highly recommended