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Karesuando Kebnekaise Knife

Karesuando Kebnekaise Knife

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Karesuando Kebnekaise Knife

This stylish knife is made by Karesuando and inspired by the Southern Sami, it is called "Kebnekaise". 
Kebnekaise is the highest mountain in Sweden and comes from the Sami word  Giebmegaisi meaning  "Cauldron Crest".

The handle is made from coloured curly birch and reindeer antler.

The  blade is 10cm long and made from carbon steel ground with a flat Scandi grind making it one of the easiest to sharpen.
The sheath is unusual as it is made partly from leather and with the lower part being made from  curly birch which has been stained.
This style of wooden sheath protects the blade very well and also ensures that the blade doesn't penetrate the sheath.

Perfect as a gift for someone special.

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