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Karesuando Reindeer Fur Hide Medium

Karesuando Reindeer Fur Hide Medium

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Karesuando Reindeer Fur Hide Medium

These hides come from Scandinavian reindeer that have grazed freely in the northern arctic region of Lapland.

Since ancient times, the indigenous Sami people who herd the reindeer have been using every part of the animal for food, clothing and decoration. These pelts are a by-product of producing meat so no part of the animal is wasted.

This beautifully soft reindeer hide looks great on the wall or can be used under your sleeping bag instead of a roll mat. It is one of nature’s great insulators so provides plenty of warmth. The colouring can vary from almost white to darkish brown The hides should be kept dry at all times to avoid shedding hair. The unique markings make each hide individual. 
These pelts are supplied all year round so the colours vary depending on what season the reindeer was slaughtered. Summer time the pelts are dark with more greys, blacks and browns to belt in with the forest whereas winter time pelts feature more white and light grey patterns to belt in with the snow.

Size 100cm long approx and 80cm wide approx (at widest part).

So what do out instructors think? Here Jason writes:-

"I have been using a Reindeer hide instead of a rollmat for the last couple of years, they offer superior insulation properties and are also great for lining your chair when sitting around the campfire in the evenings. They are great for use inside a hammock as, unlike a rollmat, they do not slide out of place"

Advantages: Offer natural insulation properties, deep pile therefore comfortable to sleep on. Beautiful to look at. Sourced from free range Reindeer and produced as a by-product. 

Disadvantages: Hides need to be kept dry to prevent hair loss.

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