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Make your own Purse Net Kit

Make your own Purse Net Kit

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Make your own Purse Net Kit

Purse Net Making Kit

Net making is a traditional skill that is fast disappearing.  By following our clear step by step instructions you will learn the basics of net making and have the satisfaction of making you own rabbit purse net.

The net design we have chosen will produce a strong large sized net which opens to a circular shape and will out-perform many commercially available purse nets.
The Woodland Ways purse net making kit contains everything you need to make 4 hemp purse nets approximately 109cm long.

The kit includes;-
·1 x 8 inch plastic netting needle
·1 x 21/4 inch metal measuring gauge
·8 x 1 inch steel rings
·4 x wooden pegs
·160m (approx.) 2 ply hemp twine
·20m (approx.)  2mm white drawcord
·Full step by step instructions
·1 cotton bag to store and carry your finished purse nets.

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