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Mora 162 Double Edged Wood Carving Knife

Mora 162 Double Edged Wood Carving Knife

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Mora 162 Double Edged Wood Carving Knife

A Crook Knife is often called a spoon knife and this 162 model has a doubled edged blade and a lightly oiled Birch handle. 

The blade is made from high quality Swedish carbon steel.

It is similar to the Mora 163 crook knife but this 162 knife has a tighter curved blade, the 163 has a shallow half curved blade.

The Mora 162 Crook Knife (previously known as the Frost Crook knife) has a full curve blade with a square end that makes this an ideal knife for carving spoons, ladles, cups & bowls or any other woodcarving project that requires gouging.
  • Inner radius: 15mm
  • Blade length: 52mm 
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