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Mora Companion Knife 860MG Stainless Steel

Mora Companion Knife 860MG Stainless Steel

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Mora Companion Knife 860MG Stainless Steel

This knife is our preferred piece of equipment as a starter knife. 

Why? Well, it is three quarters tang (the blade goes on 3/4 of the way through the handle - see additional picture for X- Ray image) which makes it a good quality strong knife. It is a cheaper option for a bushcraft knife rather than spending hundreds of pounds on your first knife. It has a full flat, or Scandinavian, grind, which is one of the easiest grinds to sharpen, and it is stainless steel with a high friction grip on the handle... ideal for game preparation. It is well worth buying a knife of this price to begin your bushcraft techniques.

What do our instructors think? Jason writes:

"I have been using this knife professionally on courses now for over 9 years, and have never had one break yet. For the price of the knife I believe you get exceptional value for money, the stainless steel element ensure you keep the edge for longer, and although stainless is harder to sharpen the full flat grind means it is easier to sit on your stone. We love this knife at Woodland Ways and heartily recommend it, a good knife also to practice your sharpening. Although I would suggest take care with the sheath as the belt clip is not completely encircled, still, you are getting what you pay for!"

Advantages: Good quality strong knife. A cheaper option for a first bushcraft knife and robust enough to split wood using a baton. The blade is a full flat grind and is made from stainless steel which makes it resistant to rusting. It has a high friction grip handle making it ideal for use in game preparation.

Disadvantages: We struggled with this to be honest as it is such a cracking piece of kit. OK- it may not look as nice as some of the knives with fancy wooden handles but we go for function not style... The sheath supplied clips onto a belt rather than sliding on to it so it can be prone to coming off the belt.

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Most recent reviews...

Jun 2022
A good knife well made. Worthwhile investment.
Mar 2022
Seems a good solid blade, haven’t had the opportunity to test it properly yet but I doubt there will be any issues. Faster than expected turnaround from order to delivery so all in all very happy
Apr 2021
All good apart from the package was torn,but luckily the item never fell out.
May 2020
Real good starter knife, its helped me build a table alongside the little foldable Laplander saw. Real satisfying, mate.
Nov 2018
The 860MG is a stainless steel version of the legendary Mora companion which is revered by knowledgeable outdoors types everywhere on the globe. It cost's £12.99 and will do everything a good knife should and might well be all the Knife you ever need. The blade is 2mm thick, arrived very sharp and after a quick stropping becomes a razor. It's easy to sharpen "in the field", holds an edge well, resists rust, cuts cordage, slices food and carves wood superbly. It produces excellent feather sticks and though It doesn't strike a fire steel "out of the box" it probably would if you filed the spine. The tang extends almost the entire length of the handle so if battening is your thing be sensible and it wont challenge the knife. The handle is comfortable, weather proof, provides good grip and an effective finger guard which still allows you to choke up on the blade. If you want a lanyard hole it's easy to drill one in the middle of the thickest part of the hard plastic.. Make sure the edge of the blade is securely taped over and safely clamped before you attempt this modification and start with a small pilot hole. The sheath is plastic so like the blade it wont be affected by weather or salt water. It retains the knife well and though it may loosen over time it's an easy fix. There's a strong clip to secure it to your belt, pocket or backpack and a surprisingly useful button hole to allow you to attach it to your jacket. If you thread a cord through the clip it's light enough to be hung round your neck. It's rigid doesn't have any sharp corners and doesn't cause the knife to rattle. Put an inexpensive ranger band round it (cut from cycle inner tube) it will securely hold a fire steel and striker or glue a small strip of leather to it so you can strop the edge as you work, maybe both! It also has a drain hole which with the addition of some, cotton, gravel, grass, and sand allows die hard survivalists to filter water through it prior to boiling!
Jul 2018
Great knife and reasonably priced