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Mors Kochanski Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills DVD's

Mors Kochanski Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills DVD's

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Mors Kochanski Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills DVD's

Available for the first time in the UK this series of Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills DVD are written and presented by Mors Kochanski, author of the best seller " Bushcraft".
Mors has spent his lifetime gathering bushcraft knowledge and has been an instructor for over 40 years.

Wilderness enthusiasts and bushcraft instructors will find this series of Dvd's an invaluable addition to their educational libraries.

DVD's in this series are:
  • Bush Knots - Mors teaches the most useful knots for survival situations. 1hr 58mins long
  • Blades: Sharpening & Safe Use - Mors shows how to achieve a superior edge on knives, axes & Saws. 1hr 34mins long.
  • Clothing and Sleeping Bags- Mors addresses what to wear, the science and application of clothing. 1hr 53 mins long.
  • Sticks as Tools and Implements - Mors demonstrates the construction of snowshoes, packframes, saw frames and axe handles. 1hr 34 min long
  • Shelters - Mors covers the construction and physics of survival shelters using both natural and modern materials. 1hr 53mins long.
  • Fires - Thorough detail about fire construction including the physics of fire and fire lays. 1hr 51 mins long
  • Birth of Fire - Mors shows you 14 ways of getting a fire started including ignition materials. 1hr 58mins long.
  • Folk Toys - Folk Toys grandfathers used to make including learn whipping,make a Pan Pipe, Pop gun and many more.
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