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Mushroom Picking Knife

Mushroom Picking Knife

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Mushroom Picking Knife

This Mushroom picking knife has been hand crafted using traditional Scandinavian methods in the Finnish part of Lapland.
The Curly Birch handle of the knife has an integral brush for spore cleaning.
The Stainless steel curved shaped blade is specifically designed to give a clean cut through the stem and thus not disturb the delicate mycelia for future crops. The blade measures 5.5cm approx.
The knife comes complete with a vegetable tanned leather neck sheath.

It is illegal to supply a knife to anyone under the age of 18. Woodland Ways actively checks the details of all orders for knives, and other edged items. Should we be unable to confirm your eligibility, you will be asked to provide proof of age in the form of a photocopy of your drivers licence or passport.

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Sep 2018
Awesome knife , price , and service