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Northern Forest Insect Repellent 15ml Tin

Northern Forest Insect Repellent 15ml Tin

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Northern Forest Insect Repellent 15ml Tin

Northern Forest Insect Repellent is a blend of natural products selected for their excellent properties as a repellent for many biting insects known to be active in Northern Hemisphere environments such as the forests of Scotland, North America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia. 
Northern Forest will provide effective deterrent against the Scottish Midge, Mosquito, Gnat, Horse Fly and Ticks. 

The recipe has been adapted from one found in a book written over 100 years ago in North America. It uses a genuine Pine Tar base and Beeswax as a bonding agent to give it a consistency that is solid but soft. Essential Oils have been added each known to help as an effective repellent. The balm has a pleasant smoky aroma, a Eucalyptus kick with Lavender and BogMyrtle. 

It is a strong scent that will give active protection. 
No chemicals are used, making it a great alternative to DEET.

So how is it made? 
Here is a note from Stuart, the Founder of Northern Forest:

"Our insect repellent is hand made in our Scottish Woodland. Genuine Pine Tar is mixed with Olive Oil, Beeswax and essential oils over a warm bed of embers on a wood fire. When the Beeswax has melted into the mix the solution is spooned into the tins to set. Once the tin has cooled and set, the lid is closed and the outside cleaned of any excess. Labels are added and the product is boxed up ready for shipping. Our ethos is keep it natural and keep it authentic. 
In the tradition of the woodsmen of the 1800’s, everything is done outside and using fire. I don’t ever want to make this over a stove in a commercial kitchen. I love the outdoors and wish to run my business from the best office in the world. I have been studying natural crafts for the last five years.  My interest in the natural environment has been life long. 
After nine years in the Army I have endeavoured to find a career where I can work outside in the woods and work with natural materials. I took to researching natural balms and creams. I found old recipes and began to experiment with different oils till I found one that worked. After a period of testing, Northern Forest was born." 

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