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Petromax Atago Cooker

Petromax Atago Cooker

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Petromax Atago Cooker

Introducing the Petromax Atago , the all-in-one extremely versatile stove.

This stove has been specifically designed for outdoors enthusiasts and has five great set ups.

The Petromax Atago is crafted from stainless steel making it tough and robust and includes two grilling plates as well. the ingenious design of the Petromax Atago means at full extension it is 28cm high but when collapsed is just 15cm meaning it almost halves in size, saving a great deal of storage space. The design of the Petromax Atago means that a multitude of different fuels can used with inside of the Atago including charcoal , briquettes and fire wood.  

Set ups ;-

1.The Petrtomax Atago can be used in partnership with the Petromax Dutch oven range which fits perfectly in to the Atago meaning that the maximum amount of heat is concentrated on to the Dutch oven for minimal amount of fuel.

2. The Petromax Atago can also be used in conjuncture with a wok or any other wide pans.

3. The Petromax atago can be used as a standard barbecue with  the included grilling plate .

4. Used in Partnership with the Petromax Perkomax to make a great cup of coffee on the trail.

5.The Petromax Atago can also be used as a conventional fire pit to contain hot embers. 

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