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Petromax Dutch Oven Lid Holder Pro FT

Petromax Dutch Oven Lid Holder Pro FT

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Petromax Dutch Oven Lid Holder Pro FT

The Petromax Lid Holder is part of the new Camp Maid Range from Petromax. this highly versatile system consists of 4 main components and transforms your outdoor cooking experience.

The Camp Maid System is Made up of The Dutch oven Lid Holder, The lid Stand, The Grilling Grate and The Charcoal Tray. Watch this video and see how the Camp Maid System will revolutionise the way you use your dutch oven.

The lid holder grasps the lid even with the briquettes on it – and releases it only when wanted. The massive cast-iron lid is thus easy to handle, and food can be stirred, seasoned and tasted without getting dirty.

The three-legged lid holder can also be used as a serving stand for a Dutch oven. The Lid Holder pro-ft is optimally suitable for Dutch ovens ft6 to ft12 and can be transported in a Petromax Dutch oven ft6 once folded. Combined with other products from the pro-ft series it functions i.a. as a barbecue area, a smoker, or else a cooking area for the upturned lid used as a pan.

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Mar 2018
My new Dutch oven lid holder was delivered this morning!! I was amazed at how quickly it arrived despite the best efforts of the "Beast from the east". I'm now eagerly awaiting the 'best from the west' weather to arrive to blow the winter cobwebs off the old Dutchie and get some charcoal briquettes fired up ready to go! The holder (like old Dutchie herself) looks good to last a lifetime too. I'm well impressed. I think I'll bite the proverbial and order up the charcoal burner and grille too. Happy times in prospect !!