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Petromax FS56 Griddle & Fire Bowl

Petromax FS56 Griddle & Fire Bowl

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Petromax FS56 Griddle & Fire Bowl

A delicious grilled feast, a juicy fry-up or a cosy campfire - it is all possible with the a Petromax Griddle/Fire Bowl.
With a diameter of 56 cm (22 in), meals for 6 to 8 persons can be prepared by cooking, grilling or frying.
The 3 detachable legs ensure the griddle and fire bowl stand steadily over an open fire. 

The center becomes hotter than the edges, thus steaks, bakery produce can be kept warm, while vegetables are still frying in the middle. 

Before first use the griddle must be seasoned, so that a patina forms at each use, making it naturally non-stick. Once it has been seasoned, the griddle becomes hot very quickly and one can begin grilling right away. 

Lighting a fire: The griddle and fire bowl offers you the opportunity to enjoy the crackling of burning wood logs and blazing flames under a starry sky. If you do not want to damage the ground with your campfire, this bowl is just what you need!

The Griddle is also sturdy enough that coals and briquettes along with a well-filled Dutch Oven are secure on the bowl so you can light a fire in the fire bowl and stand your dutch oven in it to cook dinner!

Practical transport: The fire bowl is not bulky and the three legs can be quickly and easily unscrewed. The griddle pan can also be used without legs in conjunction with the Petromax Atago (Not included)

  • Material: Steel 
  • Extension using legs 23 cm 
  • Diameter: 56 cm
  • Height 30 cm
  • L x W x H (in cm): 56,0 x 67,6 x 30,0
  • Weight: 7.1 kg

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Most recent reviews...

Nov 2020
Bought the 56cm version. Very solidly made - as all Petromax gear is - the instructions for preparing for first use are nice and clear and the legs screw in nice and reassuringly. Delivery was prompt despite the size/weight. Works great, used grapeseed oil so it could cope with the temperatures (burning brambles gets some real heat into it) and that slight curve really helps for keeping things cooking vs sliding up the side to keep things out the oil but still warm. The reason for knocking off half a star is transportation. I didn't order the carry case, so with the detached legs and the really thin handles that cut into your fingers, it isn't the easiest to move around even from car to fixed camp. Of course, Woodland Ways do plenty of workshops including a pouch making course so maybe I just need to sign up for that and make my own carry case.
Jul 2020
I used one of these griddles at a cabin in Finland. It took a lot of searching but finally tracked one down. Nowhere else stocked the biggest 56cm size. Having the large size makes cooking so much easier as you can move things around from the hottest part to keep warm on the edges. The process of buying one was painless and the people are friendly. Looking forward to cooking breakfast.