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Pinewood Wolf Lite Jacket Hunting Brown

Pinewood Wolf Lite Jacket Hunting Brown

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Pinewood Wolf Lite Jacket Hunting Brown

This Wolf Lite jacket from Pinewood is windproof and waterproof, supple and lightweight. 
Perfect for the shooter, walker, horse rider or for general outdoor wear.

It features several practical pockets e.g. fleece lined hand warmer pockets, map, radio- and back pocket. Dual front pockets with interior ammunition holders for both shotgun and rifle ammunition to avoid clatter but still make ammunition easily accessible. 
  • Openable ventilation under sleeve for extra air flow and heat emissions from heavy activity. 
  • Complete with longer back, adjustable hem. Cuffs adjustable with grip fastener. 
  • Taped seams. 
  • Treated with Bionic Finish® Eco for extra water- and dirt repellent properties. 
  • 100% polyester.
  • Available in hunting brown/suede brown
Water column: >10.000 mm
Respiration: 14.000 g/m2/24h (ASTM: 6.000 g/m2/24h)

Taped seams: Therefore water cannot penetrate through the seams of the garment.

2-Layered Membrane:
A wind and waterproof functional membrane that breathes. The membrane is laminated with the lining. Used especially in hunter’s clothes and provides a very quiet outer-fabric.

Bionic-Finnish® Eco:
An environmentally friendly and fluorine (PFC) free water- and dirt repellent treatment for sports and outdoor textiles. Due to the hyper branched and hydrophobic polymers water drops will just roll off the fabric keeping the fabric dry and lightweight. Highly abrasion resistant. Functions up to 10 washes (40°C) when fabric is re-activated by ironing or in a dryer after wash. Provides high breathability to textiles. All products worn outdoors in rainy conditions, with or without membranes, should for better breathability and function have a repellent outer fabric, a performance the Bionic-Finish® offers. Not oil repellent. No special detergents needed, however do not use fabric softeners as this will limit the function of the treatment.  Bio-degradable. 

Bionic-Finish® Eco Plus, the choice for both function and the environment!

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