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Reindeer Leather Pouch

Reindeer Leather Pouch

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Reindeer Leather Pouch

This handcrafted leather pouch is made in the Swedish part of Lapland and is inspired by the Sami style of coffee bag.

The indigenous Sami people from Lapland traditionally used (and still use today) leather bags made from their reindeer to store meat, coffee, salt and flour.

This pouch is made from vegetable(bark tanned)Reindeer leather from freely grazing Reindeer in Lapland. Vegetable tanning is better for the environment than chemical tanning and gives the leather a natural water repellence. It has a leather tying cord to fasten to pouch closed and a small motif of a Reindeer on the bottom right hand corner.

This pouch is ideal for storing fire lighting materials such as a flint and steel, tinder or smaller items to be placed in a rucksack. It is light weight but very durable.

Size is 23cm tall x 10cm wide (approx)
This is the Large pouch, we also stock a slightly smaller version.

What do our instructors think? Jo writes:

"A fantastic high quality accessory pouch made in Lapland. These pouches are perfect for storing tinder is as they do not cause the contents to sweat thus keeping them tinder dry. They are a decent size too unlike some of the pouches on the market. They are also great for storing tea bags in!"

Advantages: The leather has been vegetable tanned which is better for the environment than chemical tanning. The leather has a degree of water repellence which helps to keep the contents dry. In our opinion they are great to look at and if you like the scent of leather they smell fab!

Disadvantages: The pouch doesn't have a draw cord closure only a cord to tie around the top to secure the top shut, so when tying take extra care to secure it.

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May 2020
Great peace for any ones bushcraft EDC kit. Love it. It is a really soft leather, and a good size also. Thanks to Woodland Ways for getting this to me in a couple of days as promised. Blessings of health and peace to you all and big Thanks. Bob Taylor