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Rogue Nomad Leather packaway Hat 170X

Rogue Nomad Leather packaway Hat 170X

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Rogue Nomad Leather packaway Hat 170X

The Rogue Fullgrain Leather Packaway hat is a top of the range model!

The Rogue Fullgrain leather Packaway hat is made in Oxblood Colour and as it is leather is water resistant. The leather hat is extremely soft which makes it perfect for a packaway hat!!

The hat packs away in to a calico drawstring bag (supplied) which makes it ideal for travelling or popping in your inside pocket!

Hat Size:
Small 54 – 55 cm

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Most recent reviews...

Jul 2018
The hat is made of high quality leather, which if treated correctly should last a lifetime. The fit of the hat is excellent, take note of the dimensions given as they are very accurate for a good fit to your head. The shaping cuts of the leather really do make this a great hat for the outdoors. It comes with a cotton bag to store the hat in once folded and will help to protect the hat when travelling. This is a folding hat and is easily folded down its length so it is flat enough to tuck into an inside pocket but it would not suit being scrunched up and stuffed in a pocket, use a beanie hat if you want to do that! Because it is a folding hat it does not retain its shape as well as a fixed brim hat although I think this adds to its charm as it looks a little misshapen and rugged. The air holes in the top offer a way for the heat to escape although when its hot you will get more value from the shade given rather than these holes. The hat does look like its perfect for wet weather though, although I havent been able to test it yet due to our magnificent summer we are experiencing. A great quality hat by a trusted manufacturer.