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Snugpak Merino Military Socks

Snugpak Merino Military Socks

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Snugpak Merino Military Socks

The Snugpak Merino Military Sock is a lightweight, comfortable sock, ideal for longer ventures or multiple day use with a suitable Liner Sock. 
Ideal for colder temperatures, or when you will be standing and walking for extended periods of time, the true heel-toe design prevents movement and the formation of blisters. 
The blend of cool Merino and synthetic materials provides all-day use and the low profile, in-turned welt, provides support along with a Terry Loop knit construction that ensures even cushioning along the length of the sock, providing a close fit without constricting the calf muscles in the lower leg. 

The superfine Merino wool is blended with synthetic materials to provide warm, comfortable durability for outstanding performance: Merino Wool is a Natural Fibre, so the Snugpak Merino Military Sock feels naturally soft against sensitive skin areas. Merino Wool is a warm fibre, but also allows heat and moisture to escape; the sock naturally absorbs moisture to keep your feet dry.

Sock Material: 
  • 30% Merino Wool
  • 60% Acrylic
  • 6% Polyamide
  • 2% Cordura
  • 2% Lycra® Elastane
Available in Olive Green or Black. 
Please choose size and colour from the drop down menu.

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