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Solo Scientific Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter

Solo Scientific Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter

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Solo Scientific Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter

Created and manufactured by Solo Scientific Inc. in the USA the Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter is a water tight tinder storage box that can start a fire using solar energy, and the inside top cover is also a signal mirror.

The inside bottom of the Tinder Hot Box storage cavity is a true parabolic reflector that does not have spherical aberration like a magnifying glass, and unlike a magnifying glass, focuses all of the light to a true singular point achieving much higher temperatures.

The Tinder Hot Box is used to store tinder in the air/water tight tinder box portion of the unit that is sealed from the elements using an o-ring seal. This keeps the damp air/water out so your tinder always stays dry making it ideal for canoe trips, expeditions and humid environments.

There are no moving parts, no flint, no fuels, no gases, and no batteries making it 100% safe to take onboard aircraft for overseas travel.

The tinder holder arm also has light-through holes for maximum efficiency and the Tinder Holder can be changed from stow configuration to fire starting configuration in seconds by simply removing from the top inside cover and pressing into place.

The top of the Tinder Hot Box is also a signal mirror. To signal for rescue you simply remove the tinder arm from the top inside of the unit and flash the sunlight at your target.


  • Stores tinder to keep it dry
  • Starts fire using solar energy
  • Top cover is a signal mirror (parabolics can't be used as signal mirrors!)
  • Cannot be bent - machined from solid aircraft aluminum
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Instructions included

 Size and Weight:

  • Diameter 2.625”
  • Thickness .725”
  • Weight 114g 

Machined from solid aircraft aluminum, the outside of the Tinder Hot Box is knurled for grip to make it easier for you to access your dry tinder when your hands are cold or wet.

Lantern Feature:

Can also be used as a lantern that can be ignited during the day and burn all night.To do this, simply store a piece of oil soaked twine that has had the tip burned and blown out in your Tinder Hot Box (makes tip black so it ignites easy with the sun).

Next open your Tinder Hot Box and partially fill cap with vegetable oil, weave twine through tinder holder arm and weave twine through hole, ignite oil soaked wick using the parabolic fire starter portion and place in oil with burning wick positioned off one to one side.

You will have fire and light for hours!


Most recent reviews...

Mar 2018
GunZenBomZ; I've always loved camping or the now-a-days term bushcraft. And as I've wild-camped across most of europe. I've always enjoyed quick fast fires for heating food. This novel device is a nice addition to my fire-lighting kits. With the possibility of using a high-power torch to focus light, I do reacon this would ignite tinder. Certainly works with the sun in no time at all!