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Springbok Tanned Hide Medium

Springbok Tanned Hide Medium

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Springbok Tanned Hide Medium

The Springbok is a graceful, strikingly marked antelope of the gazelle family, native to the open plains of Southern Africa.

Springbok have been an important part of life to the Karoo people for many centuries; it was a source of food and materials. Springbok skins were used to make roof coverings for huts, water containers, clothes, sacks and drums. Bones were shaped into spoons, needles and containers, Horns became tinder boxes or handles on digging sticks. Its presence reflected the stability and intactness within the Karoo eco system.

So what do out instructors think? Here Jo writes:

"Jason bought me one of these Springbok hides back as a gift, after he had been in South Africa running our Game Ranger Experience & Cyber Tracking Course. It really is a thing of beauty and I knew straight away that I had to source some for our online shop so everyone could enjoy them!”

As these hides are 100% natural the colours and sizes will vary but as a rough guide you can expect each hide to measure 95 cm (L) x 74 cm (W) approx.

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