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Light My Fire Swedish Army Fire Steel 2.0

Light My Fire Swedish Army Fire Steel 2.0

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Light My Fire Swedish Army Fire Steel 2.0

The Swedish Army Fire Steel comes with its own newly designed striker (or you can use the back of your knife to reduce weight further and rely on less equipment). Once the black safety covering has been scraped off all you have to do is scrape the striker down the steel at approximately a 45 degree angle and you will be provided with a shower of sparks coming off at about 3000 degrees!
This new design of fire steel also features a whistle built into the striker which is very loud and cuts down on the amount of kit you need to carry with you.
Each striker lasts approximately 12,000 strikes and can be used to ignite natural tinders as well as camping stoves, cotton wool and even alcohol hand gel! Perfect as a gift for the outdoor enthusiast!

What do our instructors think? Jason writes:

" This is without doubt the essential piece of bushcraft equipment. Light My Fire has been around for some years now and produces some excellent pieces of equipment. With this fire steel and your knife you easily have the ability to achieve the four basic principles of survival, you can light fire, which in turn can cook your food and purify your water, and you can use the fire as a tool to work your wood for your shelter when you don’t have the benefit of a saw or axe... buy it..."

Advantages:Works in all weathers, even straight out of water! It is easy to use and the temperature of the sparks will light natural tinders such as silver birch (Betula Pendula) bark and cramp balls (Daldinea Concentrica). It has a built in whistle in the striker for attracting attention in an emergency.

Disadvantages: errm.. I’m struggling… It is slightly more expensive but we think it is worth it!

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Jul 2017
Wedding gift for my fiancé for the adventures of our future! Brilliant :)