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The Art of Fire by Daniel Hume

The Art of Fire by Daniel Hume

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The Art of Fire by Daniel Hume

The Joy of Tinder, Spark and Ember.

Fire can fascinate, inspire, capture the imagination and bring families and communities together. 

It has the ability to amaze, energise and touch something deep inside all of us. For thousands of years, at every corner of the globe, humans have been huddling around fires: from the basic and primitive essentials of light, heat, energy and cooking, through to modern living, fire plays a central role in all of our lives.

The ability to accurately and quickly light a fire is one of the most important skills anyone setting off on a wilderness adventure could possess, yet very little has been written about it. 

Through his narrative Daniel Hume also meditates on the wider topics surrounding fire and how it shapes the world around us.

Born in rural Suffolk in 1989, Daniel Hume is a naturalist and wilderness adventurer, and an authority on traditional bush skills from around the world. One of his deepest interests throughout his life has been the art of making and using fire and as a youngster he set out to learn every method used to conjure it. 

In more recent years he has made it his mission to travel the world, often to the most remote corners, to meet people who still directly interact with fire from a traditional sense and learn from their wisdom. This combination has enabled him to master some of the most extraordinary native fire-making techniques from across the globe and gain a unique insight into what fire means to the human race. 
Daniel has been an instructor at Ray Mears' Woodlore School of Wilderness Bushcraft for eleven years.

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