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The Brown Filter Bag

The Brown Filter Bag

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The Brown Filter Bag

Here it is, The Brown Filter Bag. The designer has traced the original manufactures of the MOD Millbank canvas & had it produced to the same specification. 

Like the original It packs down small & takes little room in your day sack. It is 100% British made, Comes with 660mm of paracord & is manufactured in this more natural looking brown canvas. It’s also inexpensive and is a great way to prolong the life of filters in expensive purification systems . 

The MOD Millbank bags are increasingly difficult to get hold of these days. Even supplies of the original material used are no longer commercially available & manufacturing of the original specification in the UK has ceased. The first line of defence in making safe drinking water is filtration. Removing particulates such as grass, twigs, dead insects , sand & silt for example, although won’t actually do you any harm, they can harbour other contaminates & thus making purification treatments less effective. All water passed through the bag must still be purified effectively to make it safe to drink. UV water purifier, Chemical treatment, boiling or pumping through a purifier are all effective. 

 Features: Same proven spec s as Military version Same fabric as the military version Rot resistant fabric Clear instructions on label 26” paracord Please note these bags require a bit of work to begin with to break them in. 

Upon initial use you will find that the flow rate is slow, this improves the more life you give the bag. It really needs to be broken in before "for real" use. It needs to be screwed up, thrown around, bashed and battered before it works to its best capacity. One way to speed this up is to put your washing machine on an empty cycle to clean all detergent out of it and then pop the bag in the washing machine on a rinse and spin to loosed up the fibres.

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Most recent reviews...

Apr 2021
I got this for first-stage water filtration for an upcoming bushcraft trip. It is very well-made and the breaking in process was not difficult - a bit of bashing about and scrunching when wet, and the water was soon trickling from it very nicely. Very happy with my purchase and looking forward to using it in the wild! It arrived very quickly, too!
Dec 2020
Build quality seems good, bought for use whilst kayak wild camping, will hopefully get to try it out in 2021.
Jan 2018
Great filter bag, it works just I want it to and as the discription says. Great service, as usual, fast order handling and shipping to Denmark. Have ordered before and will sure do again.