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The Essential Survival Manual by Kenn Griffiths

The Essential Survival Manual by Kenn Griffiths

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The Essential Survival Manual by Kenn Griffiths

SIGNED COPIES by the Author Kenn Griffiths!

The Essential Survival Manual discusses and reveals all the skills you will ever need. The subjects covered include terrorist attacks, finding shelter and food, as well as tips on the mental and emotional resilience required in the face of adversity. 

Illustrated throughout with specially commissioned illustrations, the information contained within will remain invaluable throughout your life. 
Every year, ordinary people find themselves facing extraordinary, life-threatening survival situations brought about by hostile encounters, adverse weather or freak accidents. 

The methods and techniques used by survivors in remote regions, or on city streets, can easily be learned and adapted to suit every life-threatening situation.

Written by Kenn Griffiths, a former soldier and private investigator who has worked all over the world.
This book covers all the basics including fire lighting, shelter building and skills to survive unfortunate events that can occur in every day life.

We have a limited number of copies signed by the author Kenn Griffiths.

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