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Using a Knife by Lars Falt

Using a Knife by Lars Falt

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Using a Knife by Lars Falt

Following on from the success of "Outdoors the Scandinavian Way – Summer Edition”,  Lars Fält currently has two further books being translated in to English, an axe book and a knife book.

The knife is without a doubt the most important tool you will use in the great outdoors. With a good knife, you will be able to perform almost every task required on a wilderness trip. 
Lars Fält will guide you through techniques on how to use a knife safely, and perhaps as importantly, how to teach children to use a knife safely. Lars offers many tips throughout the book including, amongst others, how to cut down a small tree, the correct way to split wood for the fire, how to light a fire using a knife and fire steel, and a quick lesson on how to fillet a fish. 
A well-cared for knife is going to last a lifetime, and there is a useful chapter showing us how to look after our knife. There are detailed explanations of cleaning and sharpening a knife, and caring for the handle and sheath.The knife has been an essential tool in human history, and Lars has written a little about the history, including a fascinating glimpse of some of the different types used by indigenous peoples of the north. 

Lars Fält is an internationally recognised authority on survival and outdoors skills, and has published a series of successful books on the subject. After a long military career, Lars now dedicates his time to teaching the general public the extensive knowledge and experience he has acquired over the years. 

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Most recent reviews...

Feb 2021
A book for people with beginner or intermediate knife skills covering basic cutting and carving skills. Well written by the near legendary Mr Falt. Excellent photographs accompanying the text. A nice succinct history of knife development and design. The book suggests a couple of very achievable projects that practice practical skills and encourage the reader into progressing onto more intricate designs. A good book for the collection.
Dec 2020
Will be a interesting read and useful information on knife usage
Nov 2020
Brilliant no-nonsense book this on how to use a knife for a variety of tasks in the great outdoors. Superb clear photographs and straight forward explanations. Loads of good information about history, types, care and using a knife. Written by the legend that is Lars Falt I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who uses a knife regardless of experience. I also bought the Axe book to serve as a companion volume and I would recommend this as the axe and the knife work together in harmony. Can't recommend both of these books enough, simply fantastic! definitely give them both 10/10.