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White Tan Bath System Home Tanning Kit

White Tan Bath System Home Tanning Kit

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White Tan Bath System Home Tanning Kit

White Tan has been manufactured and produced in the UK since 1964. It is the most cost effective way to tan small and medium mammal skins as there is little or no waste.

White Tan will tan hides such as Rabbit, Fox, Hare, Stoat, Squirrel as well as fish and reptile skins.
Tan one fox skin or up to six rabbit skins at one time, the solution can be re-used to tan up to six fox skins or thirty rabbit skins in total.

Skins are submerged for a period of 24-48 Hours. No special tools or skills required.

  • Easy to use one bath system
  • The skins can be wet back and re worked.
  • Once mixed the solution can be stored indefinitely.
  • Makes 2 gallons (almost 9L)
  • Quick and economical

Suitable for hair on or hair off skins that can be used in many different ways  for making articles such as gloves, bags and belts.

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