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Wilmas Bear Cream Leather Grease 70g Tin

Wilmas Bear Cream Leather Grease 70g Tin

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Wilmas Bear Cream Leather Grease 70g Tin

Wilmas Kångskosmorning is a Traditional Leather Protection from Lapland.
Wilma's natural products are made in the forest region of Swedish Lapland utilising the old knowledge and techniques that have been used for centuries by the forest people who have lived and worked there.
A woodsman working all day in the forest in meter deep snow had to have waterproof shoes. Before the days of synthetic and winter rubber boots, leather shoes had to be treated to keep them water tight.
Kångskosmorning is a leather protection grease made using the finest natural ingredients such as birch and pine tar oil, spruce resin and lanolin.
Wilmas "kångskosmorning"or Boot Grease penetrates deep into the leather, makes it soft, strong and very water repelling. It will make lighter coloured leather darker after repeated use, and brings a scent of the forest to your boots.
Can be used on footwear as well as leather luggage, rucksacks, bags, leather bed roll straps etc.
Not recommended for use on knife sheaths or axe sheaths as it makes the leather too soft.
Supplied in 70g tins.

Advantages: Supplied in a tin so no danger of leakage. Suitable for use on most leather items including boots, bags, rucksacks etc. Smells great!
Disadvantages: Will make light coloured leather darker after repeated use so if you want to retain a lighter colour then use of this product is not recommended.

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Most recent reviews...

May 2021
Seems same as Lundhags leather grease, same smell. Warm up first for easier application. Boots look good colour and supple. Softens leather well with water tight properties. Also use it on my brooks leather saddle.
Feb 2021
It smells very nice. Very easy to apply.
Feb 2018
This is an effective leather treatment that also smells rather nice. It is convenient to carry and relatively clean and easy to apply with just a finger. I would have given 5 stars, but I do think it's rather expensive for the amount you get.
Jun 2017
Keeps my leather products soft and supple, and smells amazing, like a campfire in a pine forest. Keep finding excuses to use it just to smell it. Gives leather a deep, rich colour. Make sure it's rubbed in thoroughly though, I didn't and had some hard to get off stains on my clothes.