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Wilmas Elddon Fire Lighting Kit Tin

Wilmas Elddon Fire Lighting Kit Tin

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Wilmas Elddon Fire Lighting Kit Tin

Wilmas is a small family business based in southern Lapland who specialize in the collection, processing and production of a number of natural products. 
By utilizing the traditional methods, knowledge and techniques used by the forest people who lived and worked there centuries ago, Wilmas have produced some fantastic traditional products.

This Elddon, which is Swedish for Tinder Box, contains everything you need to light a fire using the traditional method of sparks and flint.

  • High Quality Steel for creating the sparks
  • Some sharp shards of flint
  • Jute string
  • Char cloth 
  • Fomes Fomentarius stalks (Horeshoe fungus)
  • Amadou tinder

All neatly contained within a waterproof tin to keep the contents dry and safe from damp. 

Instructions for use included.
We also stock tins of Wilmas Incendo char cloth to replace the char cloth when required.

Most recent reviews...

Jun 2019
Great idea this kit in a tin.All good quality,i changed the piece of flint for a smaller, flatter piece,which enabled me to add a small round magnifying lens.Great addition to any bushcraft kit.I liked using it.You can add whatever you want really.