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Wilmas Flint,Steel & Tinder Kit in Reindeer Leather Pouch

Wilmas Flint,Steel & Tinder Kit in Reindeer Leather Pouch

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Wilmas Flint,Steel & Tinder Kit in Reindeer Leather Pouch

This flint and steel tinder kit comes presented in a soft Reindeer leather tinder pouch and makes an ideal gift for any bushcraft enthusiast.
The reindeer leather pouch includes a cluster of dry grass, some amadou (processed fungus), a feather stick, some sharp flint and a high quality steel for creating the sparks as well as full instructions for getting your fire going the prehistoric way.

What do our instructors think? Jason writes:

"Before you buy any flint and steel kit you must make sure you know that the steel has a high iron content, as it is this which is the key to producing a good shower of sparks. It constantly amazes me that most "experts” do not know this, that iron is a pyrophoric material. This steel is without doubt the best one I have ever used, its like the 5th November when you produce a shower of sparks. Don’t get me wrong, others on the market still work, but this is the best I have come across in my years of practicing Bushcraft."

Advantages: Includes everything you need to get started with making fire using a flint and steel. The steel is made from high quality metals and therefore the temperature of the sparks it produces is high which in turn makes it easier to ignite tinder. The flint and steel will work in all weathers and will generate sparks even in damp conditions. The pouch is made from soft vegetable tanned reindeer leather.
Disadvantages: We recognise the tinder supplied in the leather pouch is of a limited supply so you will need to source your own once this runs out. Although the flint and steel will work in damp conditions you need to ensure the tinder you are dropping the sparks on to remains completely dry in order for them to take a spark.

Colour of Reindeer leather pouch supplied may vary from that illustrated.

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