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Wood Jewel Wilderness Survival Knife & Fire Steel

Wood Jewel Wilderness Survival Knife & Fire Steel

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Wood Jewel Wilderness Survival Knife & Fire Steel

This beautifully handcraft knife is made in the Finnish part of Lapland in a traditional northern Scandinavian way. It comes complete with a fire steel and the handle of the fire steel is made from curly birch and reindeer antler and has a small leather string looped through a hole in the top.
The blade of the knife is 10.5cm (approx) long and is made from high quality Carbon Steel hardened to HRC 63-65 and tempered to HRC 59 to balance ductility and brittleness.
The blade extends with an internal tang secured with a rivet to the top of the handle.
The blade has a special sharp notch towards the tip which is designed to be used to scratch against the fire steel to create sparks for igniting tinder.
The knife handle is made from a combination of Curly Birch, thin layers of leather and Reindeer antler.
The sheath is made from wet-formed leather. It has an additional pocket on the front to accommodate the fire steel. The sheath features a reindeer leather belt hanger.
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