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Wood Tools Woodland Axe & Leather Sheath

Wood Tools Woodland Axe & Leather Sheath

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Wood Tools Woodland Axe & Leather Sheath

Wood Tools Ltd is the venture of father and daughter, the idea apparently began while Robin was teaching spoon carving courses. Robin grew frustrated by the lack of a perfect carving axe to recommend to beginners. So he set out to get his own made. With 25 years of using, forging and teaching tools he knew exactly what he needed but it had to work for everyone. That’s where Jo came in, his 17 year old daughter was a budding spoon carver, well versed in the theory but lacking the physical strength to wield larger axes. Robin knew if he could find an axe that worked for both of them then it would suit most people.

Now six years on they are the perfect father & daughter tool design team, making tools that give years of trusted use, becoming the valued antiques of the next generation.

Introducing the new & improved ‘Bushcraft axe’. Now with an extra comfy handle, and an updated fit. The Robin Wood Woodland Axe (Bushcraft axe) is a great all round axe for general work cutting, chopping, carving and splitting. It is heavy enough to do the job but light enough to carry. 
Total weight is 1000g and handle length is 19″. 
The axe features a fine convex grind making it ideal for felling, cross cutting, splitting firewood and general use. 

These axes are ground by Brian Alcock, the last full time independent grinder in Sheffield with 50 years experience, they are then honed to a razor edge.

The handles are turned from top quality hickory and left with a textured cut finish rather than sanded smooth, this results in a handle that will never slip out of your hand. 
They are then oiled with linseed oil grown by Durwin Banks in West Sussex.

Ray Mears previously recommended the Gransfors Bruks small forest axe for bushcraft use, now he recommends the heavier wilderness axe. The Robin Wood Bushcraft axe falls between the two, slightly heavier than the Small Forest axe but lighter and easier to carry than the Wilderness axe. 
These axes are similar high carbon steel drop forged and hardened to 57 rockwell so they take and hold a keen edge. They are the perfect companion for a camping or canoeing trip but work equally well at home, around the garden or by the woodpile.

Each Bushcraft axe comes supplied with a top quality leather sheath made from full grain leather which has been veg tanned and dyed especially by Clayton’s of Chesterfield. The sheaths are made with strong rivets and brass press studs. They are a snug fit and will keep the sharp edge of your axe safe for many years. 

It is illegal to supply an edged tool to any person under the age of 18. Woodland Ways actively checks the details of all orders for axes, and other edged items. Should we be unable to confirm your eligibility, you will be asked to provide proof of age in the form of a photocopy of your drivers licence or passport. 

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Most recent reviews...

Aug 2019
I have been lucky enough to have Gransfors, Helki and Hultafors axes in my possession, and I bought the bushcraft axe to replace one that went missing in action. I am absolutely stunned by the workmanship that went into its construction. There is nothing bad I have to say about it. The weight, shape and handle are all perfect. If in doubt just buy one and be convinced probably the only axe I will use in future. The 5-star rating is well justified. Many thanks to Woodland -ways for a fantastic product at a very good price.
Jan 2019
Superb service very quickly delivered and a wonderful axe so comfortable in the hand and razor sharp. Will look forward to using it.