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Woodland Ways Deer T-Shirt

Woodland Ways Deer T-Shirt

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Woodland Ways Deer T-Shirt

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As you may know, here at Woodland Ways we're mad about deer!

So much in fact we thought we'd design a T-Shirt with some great facts about all of the different species of deer that live here in the British isles.

This T-Shirt describes all of the wild species of deer, both the British native species - Roe and Red, as well as introduced species that have found a home on our little island - Muntjac, Chinese Water and Sika.

The facts shown on the T-Shirt include the Latin and common names for all the deer species as well as height at shoulder, coat colour, habitat, breeding patterns, feeding habits and social groups. The T-Shirt also shows silhouettes of the different species, the hoof prints and stool diagrams.

Available in sand or olive, please choose your colour and size from the drop down menu.
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Most recent reviews...

Feb 2022
Thank you for the shirt it arrived on time as said and I’m very pleased with the quality and sizing is spot on. I will be shopping with you again no doubt cheers for now john.
Jul 2019
The fit is good and lots of people have liked it, even my wife liked it. Not only is it good to look at it gives you information on the dear of this country. I am very happy with the shirt and the service of Woodland ways. Thank you very much. All the best Mike.
Jun 2019
A great idea and brilliant images for the print. I would have liked to have given this 5 stars however, the T shirt itself is Fruit of the Loom 'Valueweight'. I'd rather have paid a few pounds more for a better quality T shirt to hold an otherwise excellent print.