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Woodland Ways Deer T-Shirt

Woodland Ways Deer T-Shirt

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Woodland Ways Deer T-Shirt

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As you may know, here at Woodland Ways we're mad about deer!

So much in fact we thought we'd design a T-Shirt with some great facts about all of the different species of deer that live here in the British isles.

This T-Shirt describes all of the wild species of deer, both the British native species - Roe and Red, as well as introduced species that have found a home on our little island - Muntjac, Chinese Water and Sika.

The facts shown on the T-Shirt include the Latin and common names for all the deer species as well as height at shoulder, coat colour, habitat, breeding patterns, feeding habits and social groups. The T-Shirt also shows silhouettes of the different species, the hoof prints and stool diagrams.

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