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Woodland Ways Weekend Gift Experience

Woodland Ways Weekend Gift Experience

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Woodland Ways Weekend Gift Experience

Why not treat someone special to a Woodland Ways Weekend Gift Experience?

"Voted Best Bushcraft Course 2011 and 2013 by readers of Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine and voted number 18 in FHM's 100 Greatest Adventures!".

The Woodland Ways Weekend is our intermediate Bushcraft and Survival Course, and has quickly developed into one of our most popular courses! An ideal starting course for the beginner and for those who wish to try their hand at something different. It is also relevant for those who have an outline understanding of the concept and techniques of Bushcraft & Survival but wish to practice their techniques.

This course is not an endurance test, but is designed for you to get practical hands on experience of the basics of Bushcraft & Survival, in a fun and a safe run weekend. No prior experience is required for you to attend this course.

 All courses vary depending on the season but below is a typical example of the format of our Woodland Ways Weekend:


After everyone arrives at the meeting point and introductions are made, the kit is slung on our backs, and we have a small hike into the woodland. This walk helps to set the scene for the weekend ahead and introduces you to the environment in which you will spend the next two nights.  

Upon arrival at the expedition style camp there is a quick safety brief and an introduction to the  equipment you will be using, and then we have the first session, which is an introduction to knife safety and various techniques for using your knife. We will get the fire on, and then prepare your sleeping arrangements, which, for the first night will be setting up a tarp to sleep under.

We then move on to preparing the evening meal.  Dinner is provided (on this course you do not live off the land) and usually consists of feathered game (e.g. Pigeon, Partridge or Pheasant). Vegetarian dishes are also provided if we are notified in advance.

During this session our instructors will guide you through how to prepare your food in a variety of ways. During and following dinner we discuss camp craft and weather permitting take a look at the constellations that are useful for navigation, as well as looking at other techniques for natural navigation using the night sky.


The morning begins with a session on making damper bread around the fire.  Whilst the bread is cooking you are given an introduction to tracking, the aim here is to increase your understanding of animal behaviour, and your effects on it. This includes a sit spot where you observe your effects on the environment.

We then move on to shelter building. Following a brief introduction to the why’s/where’s and how’s, an instructor will guide you through the shelter building process, and then it is up to you. Detail is provided on the construction and techniques used, you then spend the rest of the morning building your own.

Lunch, which is again provided, involves learning how to prepare & cook fish (normally trout) over the open fire.

We then have an action packed afternoon, consisting of; foraging for natural foods in  sustainable manner (reinforcing our message that conservation is key), natural navigation, and fire lighting - including fire by friction. 

The evening is then underway with another game preparation session, this time mammal, typically rabbit. Whilst this is cooking we take a look at choosing your axe and knife, how to sharpen them, and the legal aspects of carrying and using edged tools.


Sunday begins with breakfast and another sit spot, and you’ll be amazed at the difference in what you spot now that you have tuned in to your environment. This is followed by another teaching session on primitive trapping and snaring. We examine the legal and ethical aspects of this subject and its value in survival situations. We finish off the morning looking at how to source, filter and purify your water. The camp is then dismantled and we begin the hike home!

Our courses are designed to be a fun experience and are in no way either military style or "tree huggy”. 

At no point during the course will you be expected to do anything that you are uncomfortable with, our helpful and friendly instructors are always on hand with help, advice and assistance. 

 The gift voucher is valid for a period of 18 months & makes the perfect gift for the outdoor lover. Courses available in both Oxfordshire and Derbyshire.

Please include the participants name and we will personalise the voucher.
The price includes a Presentation Gift Pack which will be posted out to you in a plain envelope.

Participants must be 18 years+.

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