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Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Can 16cm

Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Can 16cm

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Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Can 16cm

This 16cm Stainless Steel Billy can is made by Zebra Head.
It has a notched loop handle so it can be suspended over a fire and comes complete with an internal dish which can be used for steaming in situ or used as a separate cooking pot, it can also be used as a plate. The lid of the pot comes supplied with a plastic (removable) auto locking system to prevent spillage on un-even ground.


The pot measures 16 x 16 cm.
Weight: 0.95kg
Capacity: 3.5L 

Ideal for cooking for 3-4 people.

So what do our Instructors think? Here Jo writes:

"As soon as I saw these billy cans I knew I had to have one, they are great! Easy to clean and being stainless steel they do not go rusty so easily. My stove and gas canister even fit inside the pot for safe and easy transportation. Perfect for cooking for 3 - 4 people and ideal for camping holidays, fishing etc."

Advantages: Made from Stainless steel and so it is rust resistant and you can clean it with hot soapy water.It has a notched loop handle for hanging over a fire and comes supplied with a locking lid to prevent spillage.

Disadvantages: The handle can get hot when suspended over a fire so you'll need a pot stick to remove it!
Woodland Ways Stock these pots in three different sizes 12cm, 14cm and 16cm.

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