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Zebra Stainless Steel Camping Pot 14cm

Zebra Stainless Steel Camping Pot 14cm

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Zebra Stainless Steel Camping Pot 14cm

This 14cm Stainless Steel Camping pot is made by Zebra Head in Thailand.

The camping pan has a folding locking handle and comes complete with an internal dish which can be used for steaming in situ or used as a separate cooking pot, it can also be used as a plate. 
The lid of the camping pot has its own folding handles and can be used as a frying pan.
The whole set fits neatly together and the handle folds over the top for silent transportation so no rattles when hiking!

Great for cooking or storing perishable foods in, ideal for backpacking and camping trips, for taking lunch in etc.

Size: 14cm diameter
Construction: Stainless Steel

Being made from stainless steel the camping pot is hygenic, easy to clean and non tainting.

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