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A big thanks to Adam and Mark for their passion, patience and effort to make it all a great experience. I’ve already booked the 5 day course in April 2021 and put a deposit down on the 10 day course also. I would have probably booked the 2-year course also if there was space available! I love the Woodland Ways experience and setup and the instructors so far have all been amazing.

Peter Willey
Bushcraft Firelighting Weekend - October 2020

The instructor gave clear instructions backed up with great knowledge. It just like a weekend away with mates enjoying the outside and passing on of skills all information passed on in a friendly manor. All questions were answered, even if we needed to work out the answer for ourselves, which is why I was there in the first place, to learn, you don't learn if all the questions are answered for you and you are not using the little grey cells. The only thing that could be improved is Ian’s jokes, not as funny as my daddy jokes and as a bonus maybe he should have a new joke book included in his next pay packet. He has a wealth of knowledge and passionate about passing on this in a relaxed friendly way. I hope to get to meet up for another course very soon Many thanks for a great weekend and my thanks go to Ian for making this so keep up the great work Regards Bob keens.

Bob Keens
IOL Bushcraft Competency Training - October 2020

Just wanted to thank Barry and Jay for a great week of learning. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to meeting you all again for my next instalment.

Chris Chappell
Woodland Ways Week - 5 Days Survival Course - October 2020

The pre course information was well handled and managed in order to accommodate Coronavirus impact. Adam's experience and tuition style catered for all the groups abilities patiently building over the 2 days, something for everyone, basics to refresher to more advanced techniques Overall we were extremely Impressed with the course and would defiantly recommend Woodland Ways to friends and colleagues.

Peter and Carrie
Woodland Ways Walks - Intermediate Map Reading And Navigation Course - October 2020

I have just come back from the 5 day course lead by Barry and Jay and wanted to say the course was absolutely amazing snd covered such a broad range of skills. The tuition was the best I have ever had with clear, simple instructions, hints snd tips and plenty of humour thrown in. Barry and Jay made a great team and their passion for bushcraft and depth of knowledge was incredible. I have already booked onto the 10 day course for next year!

Dave Holliday
Woodland Ways Week - 5 Days Survival Course - October 2020

I would just like to say thank you for a fantastic course, having completed the first one day course under Covid conditions and now a weekend course, I've had four different instructors over the two courses and the biggest memory I have is just how professional and passionate they all are about their subjects. Jason should be very proud of your team and fingers crossed I am able to take on the Wayer next year. Thank you again for an excellent weekend.

Bill Vincent
Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend - August 2020

I can honestly say it was the most enjoyable and interesting journey I’ve been on. I found the course well designed and provided a wide and varied experience of Kenya, its people and its wildlife. To also be allowed the opportunity to live that closely with the villagers, who were in turn so hospitable and open to talk about and display their culture, made the expedition particularly memorable. I thought it was excellent value for money, and that it funds such a good cause only adds to the feeling that I spent my money wisely. To the both of you, I thought you were excellent leads, providing a great balance of friendliness, humour and knowledge to help the group settle in and quickly develop a good team spirit. To give some feedback specifically for Jay as Team Leader: in addition to the above comments on you both, I found the calm manner in which you approached changes to plan, or managing the problems that occurred was just what was required. “This is Kenya” and “Maasai time” became catchphrases! Added to this the professionalism, evident care for the welfare of all (both those of us on the course and the Maasai Warrior you patched up), and the passion you showed in embracing all activities and sharing your knowledge was a credit to you and Woodland Ways. I’d have no hesitation in booking another course with Woodland Ways in the future. Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards
Maasai Warrior Expedition - January 2020

I just wanted to say a massive thank you, Jay, for an amazing trip!!! And also sorry for being a bit emotional at various times during the trip, perhaps due to the beauty of the landscape, wildlife or people, or a combination of the three :-D. I’m missing my Rock Hyraxes when stepping out of bed, and I definitely want to go back there. I loved the wildlife, the adventure, the walks, the sense of community, shaking hands many times a day with sayings of Suppas and Ippas, or just sitting in a boma, drinking tea and listening to an elder. It was magical. I left my heart there. Thanks very much Jay, for being such a great expedition leader and keeping the bunch of us safe and happy, not to mention very well fed. After seeing you provide general first aid to the villagers (not to mention me), I now want to take a first aid course as soon as possible. Ann, Jerusa and Daniel were excellent hosts, and I miss them very much. I've been in awe of Jason too just a bit (or a lot) for all his amazing knowledge and understanding of the wildlife and for what he's been doing for the community over the years (but it is better if he doesn't know that ;-D)

Maasai Warrior Expedition - January 2020

Hi Jay Just wanted to drop an email to say a huge thank you for everything you did during the recent Maasai trip, I had the most amazing time. It’s still taking time for everything to sink in and I think it will be a while before I have made sense of it all.. Everything was well organised starting with the collection at the airport and the stash of goodies to eat on the way to the guest house. The guesthouse did the job, I found it clean and the beds comfortable. You showed remarkable calm and compassion at all times, taking everything in your stride. I enjoyed finding out about Maasai life. I very much enjoyed seeing the school and the great work that has been achieved there. The work that Woodland Ways has done with the school is absolutely amazing and it was so great to see the children happy and eager to learn. The Maasai people were warm and welcoming. Daniel, Anne and Jerusa were amazing as were David, Simon and Jeramiah. The best bit was hearing about the warriorship and watching the display that the men and boys put on for us – I also enjoyed dancing in the church. Again a huge thankyou Tracy x

Tracy Vise
Maasai Warrior Expedition - January 2020

Just finished the Axe Use and Tree Interpretation course and had a great time. Well thought out and designed syllabus taking us through tree structure and identification leading on to axe use and safe felling techniques. Expert mentoring and a relaxed learning environment. Very much a good start to the journey.

Craig Oswald
Axe Use and Tree Interpretation Weekend - November 2019