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Awesome weekend in the Oxfordshire wood, among new friends & fantastic instructors, we had perfect weather for a first foray sleeping outdoors, we'll miss our little shelter and we're already thinking of our next Woodland Ways adventure. Helen likes the crafty stuff and I'm interested in the basic survival activities. We then found the membership option whilst planning the next foray down south, it's exactly what we were talking about on the drive home - a safe space to practice skills learn't thus far, with the bonus of being able to learn new things.

Nick & Hellen
Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend - August 2017

This was simply one of the best things we have ever done. Warning: this is not a package holiday. This is a full on adventure, expedition deep into the Rift Valley. It is hard, difficult and on occasion you may end up in tears. This was why the trip was so memorable. The scenery, wildlife and the night sky were amazing. But what made it was the wonderful Maasai village we stayed at. The people were truly beautiful inside and out and we made many friends in a few short days even with the language barrier. The Maasai guide and his family were fantastic and there were tears all around when we left. Thank you Woodland Ways for a trip of a lifetime. I wouldn't change a thing. As for our expedition leader Jason I don't want to say to much but what a great guy, a really good man. Although I will never admit in public he is just a little bit of a hero to us. Thank you so much.

Steve Bayliss & Kate Heldreich
Maasai Warrior Expedition - August 2017

A huge thank you from the Jenkinson’s. My son and husband have come back from an amazing adventure with your team on the Family Survival Course. They absolutely loved it.

Lucy Jenkinson
Family Survival Course - August 2017

Yet another awesome weekend bringing the lads to join you guys. Thanks once again and see you again soon!

Chris Grant
Private Woodland Ways Advanced Bushcraft Weekend - April 2017

Amazing Day, I loved it all. I will take the skills I've learnt and keep on practicing. Thanks

Giz Hitchcock
Woodland Ways Fundamentals Course - June 2017

Thank you for a brilliant day... I've learnt so much and will keep practicing the friction fire technique

Alison Niddrie
Woodland Ways Fundamentals Course - June 2017

It was a great day - even more enjoyable than I expected! Thanks Jay and Danny for being such excellent instructors

Richard Knisely-Marpole
Woodland Ways Fundamentals Course - June 2017

Great bonding time for all of us. Fantastic course, where the two instructors made you feel at ease with each other and nature. Jay has a fantastic delivery, which is relaxed and precise. He never makes you feel inadequate with your answers to any question, and his depth of knowledge was impressive. Kev, and Cacy made great house keepers, who kept us fed and watered to a high standard! A massive thank you to the staff, participants and Woodland Ways for memories made with my son in a fantastic environment.

Rob Burton
Family Survival Course - August 2017

Thanks to all the team at Woodland ways and Canoe trails, especially Rich and Jay, fabulous weekend and a great experience. Thank you. xx

Spencer Lewis
Family Bushcraft and Canoe Overnighter - August 2017

I live in Bermuda and had to coordinate a few things to be able to attend your course and I have to say, I am very glad that I did. I had expectations that the course/instruction would be good (I wouldn’t have travelled transatlantic otherwise!) but the standard of the teaching, the enthusiasm of the instructors and their professional (yet fun) approach really impressed me. I’m referring here to both the instructors and the apprentices a like. The guys clearly are just really into what they do, they had a knowledge that wasn’t just point A to B, but had clearly studied and practiced widely and were consistently able to weave this breadth/depth of knowledge into the lessons they were giving to make each of the topics covered really interesting. It was a great experience for me - in part allowing me to rekindle my interest in the outdoors that has been put on hold due to focusing on raising young kids and a corporate work life, gave me some new skills and refreshed others and definitely whetted my appetite to learn more. Despite the logistical problems I have getting to your forests(!), I really look forward to going on another course with your firm.

Peter Muirhead
Woodlands Ways Bushcraft Weekend Course - July 2017