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The Winter a wilderness Wildlife, Tracking & Filming in Croatia was fabulous. It was hard work but I feel we all worked well together as a good team. It was as very exciting tracking bear and wolf prints. Jason was a great leader with lots of knowledge and understanding. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have climbed Mount Risnjak. A soulful, stunning view at the top. I have been on several courses. Staff are always happy and willing to help and give advice. Their knowledge is immense so ask away! They love lots of questions and enjoy sharing their experiences. I had my questions answered in a timely manner. I cannot fault these guys hence why I keep coming back.

Haley Woor
Winter Wilderness - Tracking Croatia - February 2017

I wanted to get in touch and thank you for the excellent weekend that my students had with Danny, Ian and Richard. It was great to see the lads putting lessons they’d learned on previous courses into practice. Once again, the teaching from your staff was fantastic and pitched at just the right level for the boys- stretching them out of their comfort zone yet letting them work with confidence, supported by such excellent instructors. One lad surprised us with just how much information he had remembered from the October course, and it was great for Ian to see just how deeply he had inspired Connor to enjoy bushcraft. I’ll be starting the paperwork for yet more courses for the boys, and one or two for myself!

Chris Grant, Warwick School
Private Booking - April 2017

I cannot thank Woodland Ways enough for the chance to go on this trip. Mount Risnjak in winter is breathtakingly beautiful and to be there with just 6 other fellow travellers was magical. Our days of following and analysing bear and other wild animal tracks; of melting snow to drink/cook with; sharing stories in the cabin at night around the wood-burning stove and gazing up in wonder at the night sky crammed with stars - was just so special.. Our local guide was a joy to be with - so knowledgeable and so at home in the Croatian wilderness. And the view from the top of Mount Risnjak is incredible and well worth the effort needed to climb it. I have very many happy memories of this trip. If you have the chance to go - then do it!

Helen Hampton
Winter Wilderness - Tracking Croatia - February 2017

Wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for such a wonderful day. Feeling very inspired and energised. We will be booking onto more courses and also becoming more at one with nature and bushcraft back at home.

Anita Jenkins
4X4 Voyager - April 2017

It was a fantastic weekend, great people, fab food, and really interesting activities. This is the second course I have now done and will definitely not be the last. Thank you to all my fellow 'crafters' and huge thanks to the guys who passed on their knowledge to us!

Jane Wright - Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend - March 2017

A friend & myself recently attended your Hedgerow Medicine and Medicinal Wild Plants course in Oxfordshire with Kev. The course exceeded all our expectations! I was a little apprehensive prior to the course as my friend has been interested in this topic for many years so has a reasonably good knowledge base whilst I had virtually no prior knowledge. I feared that either he would not gain enough from the course or that it would all go over my head. I needn't have worried at all. Kev has a very gentle approach and is completely approachable so that I felt comfortable asking (what were probably) the most basic questions. He started with the basics and added layers of information in order to grasp everyone and also helped to aide recall. The afternoon session, making remedies to take home with what we'd picked was so much fun and again described and managed expertly so that we all got an opportunity to join in & ask questions as needed. The journey home was a joy, recalling bits we'd learnt & stopping at hedgerows to collect plants we could now identify in order to start making our own remedies at home. Thanks a million, once again, to Kevin & woodland ways. I will definitely be recommending your courses and booking more courses myself.

Vonda Price - Hedgerow Medicine and Medicinal Wild Plants - July 2016

Thank you so much for all your efforts Jay, all the feedback from the young foraging participants was excellent and I know at least one parent who is going to contact you about organising a birthday party for her sons. We will definitely run a similar event next year! Hopefully I'll see you soon!

Sarah Dewberry -Waddesdon Manor - October 2016

I attended a fundamental bushcraft course for teenagers in a beautiful forest. This was one of the best weekends of my life, it was very educational as I learned a lot and the instructors were very informative and helpful. I really enjoyed all the bushcraft activities as they were challenging and hands on. I had been looking forward to the course since march, it was better than I could have dreamt. I spent the whole 2 hour drive home enthusiastically telling my mum all about it. I had so much fun and am asking for woodland ways courses for Christmas.

Noah (age 12) - Teenagers Fundamentals Bushcraft Course - August 2016

I was on your outdoor survival course at the weekend . The weekend was brilliant the instructors were second to none . You could tell that they lived for the outdoors . I left feeling that I had learned a great deal . I am looking at booking another weekend soon and I have told my friends about you as well . And hope that your company starts doing more in Scotland .

Greg Canning - Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend - October 2016

It was an amazing weekend! Thank's Danny, Jay and Nicola - you made the whole experience enjoyable with your extensive knowledge and great humour. I'm already saving up for the 5-day course!!

Antony Snow, Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend, October 2016