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World of Bushcraft


Bakewell Bushcraft Shop
The Traditional Stone Barn - our new World of Bushcraft
World of Bushcraft Shop
Work Is Underway - A Sneak Peek!

Our World Of Bushcraft shop in Bakewell is now permanently closed. The high street didn’t work for us so we’ve decided to take the ‘World Of Bushcraft‘ concept back to its roots and open an experience centre and destination for bushcrafters. Our new HQ will be a traditional stone barn in the beautiful Peak District village of Rowsley and the move is currently underway.

Made available to us through the kindness of Lord and Lady Manners, the traditional barn will become the beating heart of Woodland Ways - expect a space where you can get hands-on with kit, take part in skills workshops or simply pop-in for a chat and a cuppa.

We're anticipating opening our doors in November, from which time you'll be able to come see us. We'll keep you posted as things progress but as I’m sure you'll agree, the next chapter in the Woodland Ways story is looking pretty exciting!